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My site is about Japanese Anime Art and anime drawings. Assuming, being the owner of this site,you must expect that I am an artist or maybe an anime expert. Nope, unfortunately I am not. But, I would very much love to and I want you to know that I give kudos to all the good artists out there and their original artworks. I am just an ordinary guy who loves anime drawings and characters. I love anime posters, drawings, and anime tv series and more of it.

Although, I am not a good writer nor a good artist but it didn’t stop me to make my desires live in the net.
I devote some of our spare time finishing and updating this site. I will constantly put any updates so our valued visitors will keep visiting us often. You may also share and contribute something to make my blog grow and be updated.

There is always been a saying, “learning doesn’t last. It only stops when you stop breathing”. There will always be something new to come, more original artworks, new anime music, new anime guide for drawings, articles and many more…

Should you have any comments, feel free to give us feedback or share your story.

Please help us improve by making some contributions and articles. We want you to be one of the authors of this creation. You will find below feedback forms for your story and contributions.

Thank you very much

Yours Truly.

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