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Anime Conventions - Here's a tribute to the myriad beauty and fascination on anime

Anime Conventions -- Here's a tribute to the myriad beauty and fascination on anime

They have been built and developed due to fans' tribute to anime, manga and Japanese culture in general. These conventions normally entail various activities and events which basically features on anime workshops, anime contests, art shows, cosplay, and other social gathering activities.

They have also been made useful by various studios, distributors, and publishers to showcase their anime related releases.

Such events of the west mostly spawned from similar science fiction and multigenre conventions of the 1980s which featured anime content by tandem. Though many popular shows from Japan had been broadcast by that time, the direct to video market had yet to reach any significant penetration in North America or Europe until the late 1980s. Anime conventions of the west take many cues from those conventions, such as use of a large hotel with a meeting space, spanning 2 days or more of a weekend, invited industry guests, costume dressup, dealers selling various goods, and many other similarities.

The early 1990s saw what would later be the long standing annual conventions, such as Project A-Kon, Anime Expo, and AnimeFest, which continue to run today and number attendance in the several thousands. Similar occasions in other locales, such as Europe and Australia began to take off in the mid 1990s as well. These growth trends follow the popularity and availability of anime to other countries outside of Japan.

Most conventions include contests. Contests can also focus around costumes (or cosplay ), art works (drawn, sculpted, painted), anime-related music videos, video games, dice games, card games, and many other activities. In some cases, tangible prizes have been offered as winnings in these contests.

Most conventions (or their visitors) also hold purely social gatherings, such as dances, room parties, dinners, and more.