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Anime wigs give that defining look to an anime character, browse further for more info!

Anime wigs give that defining look to an anime character, browse further for more info!

One very interesting aspect of anime is the hair styles of the characters. Actually, this is another major defining factor in anime. So for the sake of cosplaying, such have been used.

Just as in any movie or cartoon, the hair styles of the characters can be either very "normal", conventional styles or they can be a completely off the wall, impossible to do arrangement. In many ways and in many different anime, the hairstyle of the character is used to define what type of person that character is and so there are various anime artificial hair for various anime characters.

By no means are all anime charactes bound by these observations. There are plenty of manga and OAV characters who don't fit these molds, but I am talking in general about character hairstyles.

Sometimes, the different style of anime wigs say something about the character of a cosplayer he's portraying. Here are some examples:

Short = Conservative or military.
Bald = Aged or religious.
Spiky = Engergetic or youthful.
Long Bangs = Something to hide.
Trimmed wedge = Cool or futuristic.
Long, straight = Down-to-earth.
Large Spikes = Powerful and maybe supernatural.
Pony tails = Cute and ditzy.
Short and slick = Professional, may also show pride.

So, if you want to choose some wig, you might want to consider reading it so you may have an idea what sort of emotion you will be showing while costume role playing.

Here's also an additional fact in choosing a particular color for anime wigs. General colors and what they may say about the character.

Red = Goodfighter,outspoken,energetic,stubborn.
Blonde = Youthful, somewhat ditzy.
White or Silver = Magical or very powerful. Dignified.
Violet = Smart and/or secretive.
Green = Outsider, good-natured.
Brown or Black = Traditional and normal.
Pink = Naive,innocent,sickeningly cute and bubbly
Blue = Energetic, introverted.