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Looking for japanese anime, anime art, cosplay outfits, anime drawings?

Take it to a fellow anime-buff himself who adores japanese anime, anime art, cosplay outfits, drawing anime, and EVERYTHING about anime, who has made a tandem out of himself and his drawing paraphernalia even before he learns how to speak. Here you may even learn to draw and appreciate works of arts- courtesy of yours truly!

ANIME – the term was totally alien and unheard of, especially here in our place, just a few short years ago – but now, it has broken through the world of visual media like a rampaging storm – it was nothing less than sheer Kamikaze! Well, minus the crashing-your-airplane-to-the-enemy-fleet part.

As anime fanart, traditional anime drawings and japanese anime continued to invade the scene, it is not surprising that more and more people, of varied demographics, have embraced this animation style, that has become more of a worldwide phenomenon, inspiring a generation of die hard, faithful otakus (like myself) with its unique storytelling style, mind-boggling themes, outlandish characters, that we surprisingly identify with – and of course, I guess especially in my own humble opinion, its incomparable and often times jaw-dropping art.

There has been thousands of Japanese anime series created ever since its first conception, with new ones popping out from out of the blue into the media scene – seemingly overnight. Thus, there is an immeasurable list of titles which can cater to almost any age group, so the fun never stops. Add to that an equally vast amount of other anime related media, like websites, forums, games, merchandise, music, anime fanart, traditional anime drawings and more – I guess we’ll never get enough of it, giving us an endless flow of inspiration.

And so we have built this site as a tribute to Japanese anime – another addition to the ever growing fan base. But to narrow things down, considering how HUGE anime is, I’ve decided to share to you guys the only way I can show how I love anime – anime FANART. I’ll try my best to upload a new piece of fanart (japanese anime & tradinal anime drawings here in this site EVERYDAY, be it a quick sketch or a fully colored finished piece – and I only make these artworks TRADITIONALLY, meaning they’ll be made by hand with little to no help of any image editing softwares and programs. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not against artwork made using the computer, aka CG art. In fact, I actually find most of them AWESOME, and off course, anime animation is technically always done using computers, save for the line art, I guess. But I’m talking about traditional art here, the raw and the unprocessed – which is sweeter and I think more artsy fartsy.