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Anime anatomy basic drawing tutorial

 Here's the anime anatomy a basic to drawing anime tutorial

Before I proceed, I would like to state a disclaimer that what I am about to show you is not really the REAL step by step guide an anime anatomy drawing guide. Of course, you can always bend the rule and make your own drawing style and personalize your own anime anatomy...

So, here are some guidelines about proportions in drawing any anime character:

First, when drawing an elbow of a particular anime character,see to it that the elbows are aligned at the waist of the person.. And by waist, it is the portion where the smallest curve of your body is located, just parallel to your belly button.

Second, the wrist should be aligned right around where your hips and leg meet. Next, the hand should also fall right at the top of your thigh... If you lengthen the hand which would fall down to the thigh, it might look like it has a very long hands, like that of a monkey.. Too short would be considered too awkward.

Anime anatomy conclusion

Here’s some proportion guidelines that you should take to heart when drawing the body:

  • the elbows tend to align right at the waist of a person (the waist, for the record is where your belly button is situated and is generally the slimmest part)
  • the wrist aligns right around where your hips and leg meet
  • the hand falls right at the top of your thigh
  • the top and bottom half of the leg (i.e. the parts above and below the knee) should be about the same length5) the shoulder width should be about half the size of the head on each side

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