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Harem anime are pretty interesting shows

Harem anime are pretty interesting shows. Read on to know more..

Yeap, they are indeed pretty interesting shows. Although the characteristics of this genre generally are unheard of in Western type animated shows, harem anime usually are pretty common now and attract quite a significant number of following.

This type of anime genre shows basically features a male garden variety teenager who’s not considered a bishounen (a pretty boy character) with little to no experience in love and relationships who, despite all of his flaws, manage to catch the eyes of incredibly voluptuous, cute and/or sexy female characters.

The funs in these shows usually involve the male protagonist getting into silly, awkward and embarrassing situations with the members of the “harem”. Although the protagonist usually has a few dozen girls following him around, there’s always one of them that is considered his “default” partner – and most likely the one he’s going to fall for eventually.

In such shows, you’d probably wonder how in the hell would so many perfect looking female characters become so romantically interested in an average boy. Well in most cases, one would begin to see through the course of the story that the male “patriarch” actually has some really great aspect in his personality. Most of them are kind, goody-two-shoes, who despite all of their flaws (some even have some uncontrolled perverse tendencies) are able to save the girl of his dreams doing some very selfless and inspiring acts.

One very popular example of the of this anime genre type is Love Hina. The shows revolves around a boy named Keitaro who was called by her grandma to become the next manager of the bath house family business – only to find out that the place has actually also become an all girl’s dormitory, thus setting the stage for a hilarious chaotic life with the female residents.

What’s attracting about this anime (aside from the beautiful female characters) is the fact that the show actually has some moral elements to it – like keeping a promise and being able to help a friend in need no matter the difficulties. Popular harem anime include Tenchi Muyo, El Hazard, Negima! and many others.

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