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Today you'll know more about chibi anime and be able to draw it!

Today you'll know more about chibi anime and be able to draw it!

In Japanese translation, chibi means a small child. The word has only gotten popular upon the onset of chibi anime where anime fans consider chibi as part and parcel of anime and or manga. Consider for example, some series in Kenshi the Battusai where there were instances that chibi anime has been portrayed. Say when a joke has been said or there were bloopers committed, the Kenshi character has been somewhat "chibified" where he became small with round big eyes with the distinct feature of being "too cute"...

Thus, by definition, a chibi anime is a shorter, cuter, and funnier version of the regular anime or manga character but with specifically bigger heads that has been made so for comedic purposes.

It has somehow gained popularity in the anime world primarily for its cuteness factor.. It is but a reminder that anime lovers are still watching a form of cartoon portraying 2d images with the use of rich colors. The are of chibi anime grounds anime cartoons to its basic nature since it portrays child versions of anime characters.

So how come it has become so popular and has been incorporated in most anime series and movies now??! Let's face it, in chibi anime, one can easily say that it is a colorful version of a manga character. It has a certain appeal to it-- with those unusually large head, extreme shiny eyes and little or no nose: anyone can be mystified, if not, be swept away by its cuteness!

Anyways, because of its cuteness factor, most of the kids now would want to draw it. Actually, it is indeed a nice and creative pass time for kids and this would definitely enhance their drawing skills. You can even invite little kids to join drawing chibi anime with you... Just pick your favorite anime character and start from there....

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