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Drawing anime tips

Count on this page if you like to know a thing or two about drawing anime tips...

I guess I’ve already given you guys a short overview of how I started drawing. And you may have also noted that I always mention trial and error- which I usually apply for tips in drawing.

I wasn’t properly trained, so it would be a little tricky for me to show you how to draw anime ‘cause my techniques are know-how’s born from years of well, you guess it, trial and error. So, I guess you'll just have to expect for some simple drawing anime tips

If you like, you can click here for some tips on how I draw some simple anime drawings, particularly on how I draw anime face. Furthermore,over time I have managed to improve my drawing prowess and later developed and adopted some drawing anime tips of my own on how to draw anime characters in full body and anime characters in action poses..

Better yet, if you're serious into anime drawing, you might want to know some tips on how I draw anime hands and feet and most especially, the most expressive part, on how I draw anime eyes.

The only advice I can give you for tips in drawing guys is just to continue with what you like to do and what you know you’re good at. Don’t let go of that pencil. Try to use your idle time to just scribble and doodle random things – it will help you hone your skills and make your hands used to the feeling of it. Not to mention it’s pretty fun and amusing.

Try shading around, do curvy lines, draw a giant machine gun wielding clown with bunny ears rampaging through a sprawling city and whatever, and then see what you end up with – a whole lot of mess I bet! But messes are good. What I like about drawing is that there aren’t really any fixed rules.

You can go wild with it and have fun (At least that’s how I envision what art is to me). The point is, it’ll all be a form of practice for you. Just don’t forget one thing – don’t stop drawing!

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