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Drawing Anime Kit would provide you the tools of the trade!

Drawing Anime Kit would provide you the tools of the trade! Here are some of them..

My mother used to say, if you can't find a way, then make a way... Welp, I've been indeed making ways to pursue my passion for both anime and drawing. And for my drawing anime kit, well, that's a gray area over there-- coz I kinda don't have alot. Being brought up in a family where it's a bit hard to make two ends meet so I find ways.

My first drawing medium were broken crayons and used pencil colors. They're not that much but they're the ones available so I settled for them that time. Back then, I was a wreck. I drew everywhere and every time so it would have caused me a WHOLE lot of crayons and pencil colors. My anime preferences were more of the shounen type so I drew lots of SailorMoon characters and stuff. Crayons were not really that good in execution as they were very limited in color.

Later, my drawing anime kit shifted to water colors. They're way better because I begin to blend colors by then. It dawned to me the remarkable idea of being able to do shadowing and getting the right color I wanted through combining one or more colors! So that's awesome

Finally, I settled for poster colors. I find them way better than water colors since i could do better shading and color combinations there.

And so, one might ask: what would be the best drawing anime kit for you fanart artist/lover?!! Actually, there is no specific drawing anime kit best for everyone.. It actually depends on the person. Well, you could shop for a nice drawing anime kit suited just for you....

Thing is, explore and experiment any drawing medium you wanna use.. Who knows you might just be loving the simple drawing pens instead of charcoal and stuff... Don't be afraid to experiment!!

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