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Know more about cherry blossoms in this site.. There's more to like in anime because of "sakura"!

 Know more about cherry blossoms in this site.. There's more to like in anime because of "sakura"!

Cherryblossoms or "sakura" in Japanese layman's terms, is a delicate pink or white flower that blooms for a very short period of time, with five notched petals, and is widely used as a decorative motif. It has been considered to be Japan's most beloved flower to the point that it has been rendered to be the country's unofficial flower as it has been highly regarded in Japanese history and culture.

These delicate and beautiful flowers have been included and mentioned in various ancient Japanese literary works especially in Japanese poems, poetry and paintings, if one should really take a notice about it.

Generally, these flowers symbolize the Japanese values of simplicity, purity and fleeting beauty. However, for Japanese warriors or "samurai", these flowers are considered a symbol for the ideal of the military spirit; samurai were expected to give their lives in their prime - falling in battle like cherry blossoms blown down from the trees.

In Japan, the "hanami" or flower-viewing festival, which holds during late March or early May has been inspired to be made due to its tribute to the "sakura" since they usually bloom at these times of months. Hanami has been practiced for centuries now and initially was instituted only by the elite Samurais and Court Elites. Normally, they would enjoy viewing the flowers during parties while they drink sake and eat various Japanese foods.As inspiration would strike, they would write various literary works of art, commonly poems, giving adoration to the beauty of the flower.Such poems indicate the symbolism of the flower to life itself-- vibrant and beautiful yet fleeting and ephemeral.

Today, people still continue to hold the tradition of hanami during such events which still displays the beauty of the flowers. During such festivals, thousands of people fill the parks to hold banquets under the flowering trees, and sometimes these parties go on until late in the evening.

In the field of Japanese anime art , it is also considered to be one of the many significant and special scenes in most anime movies and series. One of the most reoccurring visuals in all of anime is the sight of cherry blossoms gently floating to the ground, with flurries of the petals surrounding on screen characters. Keep in mind, that to the Japanese, the cherry blossom is so special that it sometimes connotes a deep meaning.

It is so popular and famous to the point that a certain anime series has been entitled on its behalf, the CardCaptor Sakura.

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