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The world of anime music in just one click of a button!

I myself have been one after appreciating these nitty-gritty details. Yup, I also love anime music, anime songs, mp3, J-rock, J-pop

I've seen a lot of heads scratched after people decide to try out my mp3 player. Why? It’s because my player is FILLED with anime songs. I guess you can imagine the reaction of someone who’s clueless about anime when he/she tries to listen to one of these songs. I bet it wouldn’t suit their tastes – and it’s basically because anime music has very unique sound – actually, it’s a genre unto itself!

Most people term these songs as J-rock or J-pop, J for Japanese off course. Their music is so special that it gets to have “Japanese” stamped into it! For those who are not fans of anime, they only see these songs as nothing more than themes used for the opening and ending credits for the anime series it came from and I guess they wouldn’t really like it ‘cause they think they sound too strange for their ears. Anime fans on the other hand adore the style – from a unique blend of classical music and rock to pop and hip-hop, anime songs, like anime itself, can cater to ANY ear. There’s just a great menagerie of hybrid sounds that would surely keep fans glued to their music players.

I love listening to anime songs. Not just for the enjoyment factor, I primarily listen to these songs because, not only do they sound great, but I relive my favorite scenes every time I hear them. When I listen to “1/3 No Kanjou”, battle scenes of Kenshin Himura and his rivals flash through my mind – it’s like watching that great action again while the song plays in my headphones. It’s just purely fun to listen to these songs – and with new anime titles coming up with even better sounding music, the playlist would never end.

We can link you up to some great anime mp3 sources so you won’t have to miss out on all the fun!

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