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Cosplayers gaining worldwide recognition for their magnificent costume role play show of anime costumes during cosplay conventions!

Costume role play facts for cosplayers are things that we want to over deliver just for you.

For starters, Naruto Cosplay would probably make the crowd notice you more because of its popularity.

I bet if you’re a fan of it, or worse, if you’re an otaku then you might have had dreams about being your favorite character. A typical fan would dig for any of those things. Just I have mentioned earlier.

But for some die-hard fans, it’s a normal fantasy that they find themselves realize that – the anime world’s always better than the real world, right? But unfortunately, you’re there stuck with that Algebra homework and living high school life still without a girlfriend. Okay, let’s not make recluses out of you guys here, ha-ha. What I’m trying to get at here is the magic.

Sure, you can never be your favorite anime character, but nothing in the rule book says that you can’t look like them or wear what they’re wearing – it’s a free world after all! And so, costume role playing was born.

The term can be squashed up word forming C O S P L A Y. We had made some small research about this phenomenon in our thesis paper during our college days about the popularity of anime media and found out that fans do this as a form of escapism and identification, not to mention doing this for simple enjoyment and exercising fandom. It makes sense ‘cause anyone who dons the outfits of an idolized character would have that sense of being more than reality – a chance to stand out from the crowd.

It has become popular not only in Japan but in other Asian countries like China and Taiwan – and even in Western countries. You would usually expect to see fans wearing anime outfits around gaming conventions, animation fairs – stuff like that.

In our place, there isn’t much of that scene here. I bet it’s because of the lack of events revolving around anime or gaming, maybe even a lack of interest. Fans here only focused on other fandom and even if there are a few here who are into such a thing, there isn’t any venue for them to get into. But I do remember some sort of cosplaying here in our place. During my grade school years, the predominant anime series was Sailormoon. As we all know, this anime features school girls that get into long, nicely animated transformation scenes and metamorphose into sexy warriors in sailor suits (I always wonder why the enemy doesn’t attack them during their ridiculously long transformation scene).

Anyways, during special events like parties, girls in Sailormoon suits suddenly pop out of nowhere – kinda’ like the way you make your kid wear a Spiderman suit during birthday parties. And that’s just about it. I’m a bit jealous of one of my friends who actually got into an otaku convention and he got to meet and take pictures with some pretty good Japanese looking movie anime characters.

I myself have no intentions of doing such. Not only do I not have the resources, I also am not a pretty boy bishounen. Yeah, I bet this art of costume role playing would only work if the person has “looks”. Curse you, gene pool! Anyway, you don’t have to listen more to my rants about it. You could always check Wikipedia. Heck, anyone can find anything in that site. I’m just here to give you some small info about the fun of cosplaying and let you know about the almost non existence of it here in our city.

It is, by the way, not only limited to the art of dress-up. By anime custome role playing, I mean "full" custom role playing so it encompasses even the dress up of the eyes, the hair, and other accessories. Anime eyes are very prominent in every cosplayers' portrayal of their anime character and so cosplayers go to the extent of "animating" their eyes for that extra effect and so they use

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