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Know more about shounen anime, one type of anime genre

Know more about shounen anime, one type of anime genre, here as you browse further!

One might ask, what is this type of anime?! Well, little would you know that there are actually various types of anime genre! And for this site, let's know more about this type of genre..... :)

So, shounen is a type of anime genre (among many others) which specifically appeals to young boys.This term comes from the Japanese root meaning “little boy.” As an anime genre its distinct features can be summarized as full of “action” and “voluptuousness” (sometimes termed as Fan Service). Such shows feature female characters with “a Barbie frame” rather than the realistic proportional female image. (Goldberg, 2001) Aside from these characteristics, most often, this anime genre have stunning visuals.

Shounen (literally “little boy”) anime shows are basically geared towards a male audience. A good example of this is the anime series, NARUTO but there are quite a few too. However, “many females are as attracted to this genre of anime as the boys are and enjoy it as much.” (Sanchez, 2003)

This is one of my artworks-- I kinda tweak it a bit befriending Naruto and Pain.. Hope you like it guys!! Hehe..... Love Hina is also one type of shounen genre.. It also has its great plots and nice heart-wrenching scenes boys would surely love to watch.. I can hook you up to some of the famous anime shows under this genre if you wanna browse further....

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