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Ever wonder the anime artists behind the anime art, check this out..

Wondering who creates those fabulous drawings of different character you know and love? Visit our Artists' Corner and get the inside scoop on your favorite idol. Or if you're not so famous yourself, have the privilege of being one of them kindly let me post your drawings here on this site....

To name a few, here are some of the best anime artists ever to grace the anime industry. And mind you, they the considered great thinkers to have even fathomed such a plot or a concept of a particular anime movie or episodes that has become a household name for most of us anime lovers:

1. Masashi Kishimoto = His name sounds so ordinary that you couldn't even guess that he is the anime artist of a very well known anime. Click to know more!

2. Nobuhiro Watsuki = sounds to geeky and nerdy for an anime artist's name huh?! But wait till you know what anime he has created and you wouldn't consider the name as too tacky anymore!

3. Tite Kubo = You will be amazed that a guy so ordinary looking will be able to create one of the sought after epic anime favorite of all time: BLEACH!! Bleach has had numerous episodes that one might wonder how vast his imaginations could fathom!

4. Tsugumi Ohba
= Of all the great anime artists/ creators, he is the mysterious of them all as until now his real identity is still big question. Get to know the guy behind Death Note...

5. Kunihiko Ikuhara = has been one of the anime creators who have made a big hit out of Sailor Moon.. This guy is a force to reckon with...... You'll never know what his next big anime manga idea he'll make again. But we can't wait to see what's next in his sleeve!

Let's face it, either you're one of the naturals or has been trained to be one.. So I thought you just might want to know a thing or two about them...

I for one would want to be considered as one of the natural artists.. See, I learned to draw on my own especially while I was still very young.. So I started from the basic stick figure drawings then my skills developed to knowing more on shadowing and contouring until my drawings got, modesty aside, real awesome... So, kudos to me!

And if you're not one of the naturals, I bet you must be fortunate enough to have trained or have undergone schooling on anime drawings and manga art... That's very good! In fact, this is the most opportune time to learn digital drawing.

Digital drawing would give one a whole new lease on artistic endeavor. Computers would reawaken creative life after years of slump. I like the high tech of it, but unfortunately I still prefer the all conventional drawing using the all conventional art materials!

Although,some would definitely prefer digital drawing as it takes the work with them and they might particularly hate mess. Computers have all the elements right there in one little machine.It has a certain advantage to it though so I don't strictly limit myself to traditional drawing alone...

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