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Here's an anime glossary and definition of terms for your use!

Here's an anime glossary and definition of terms for your use!

Anime Glossary/ Anime Definition of Terms

• Anime – Japanese made animated programs.

• Bishoujo – literally “beautiful girl”, the counter part of Bishounen and are present mainly in Shoujo anime.

• Bishounen – literally “beautiful boy”, term used to pertain to male anime characters with beautiful features usually found in Shounen anime.

• Censorship – the act of banning materials with questionable contents - primarily, the criteria used to judge such materials are based on deviance, violence, pornography and others.

• Chibis – a style in anime wherein an exaggerated likeness of a character is shown; usually with large heads and small bodies; also used to show “cuteness”.

• Constructs – according to Gerbner, ideas, concepts or assumptions or reality cultivated through long term exposure to media.

• Conventions – a gathering of anime or comic book fans; usually such events have programs or contests all linked to the passion of the fans; similar to a fair.

• Cosplay – short for “costume-play” – an activity of anime fans where they dress up as their favorite anime character.

• Cultivation – the process of taking in ideas from media through long term exposure of it.

• Diversion – emotional release according to Blumler and others.

• Face Faults – in Anime, characters exhibit distorted facial expressions used to exaggerate emotions and to add humor.

• Anime Fansubs – recording and sharing of anime titles to fans of such series; considered questionable because of issues in copyrights.

• Genre – a type of story

• Heavy Viewers – in Gerbner’s Cultivation theory, heavy viewers are people who watch television everyday, at 4 hours or more in a day.

• Inner Motivation – in Katz and Blumler’s U&G Theory, the gratifications sought by a person in his or her choice of media and messages.

• Light Viewers – according to Gerbner, these are individuals who watch television less than four hours a day.

• Manga – Japanese comic books.

• Mainstream – refers to something that has become part of society

• Mecha – a genre of Anime featuring giant machines or robots.

• Media – any electronic means through which messages are relayed to a broad audience.

• Needs - in Katz and Blumler’s U&G Theory, the uses a person derives from his or her choice of media and messages.

• Primetime –refers to the hours where audiences are most available for viewing television – “hot” times and better shows that cater to the most dominant audience at these times are shown.

• Shounen – an Anime genre geared towards a male audience featuring action, adventure and fantasy themes.

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