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What comes in your mind when you hear samurai anime?!

What comes in your mind when you hear samurai anime?!

You guessed it: SAMURAI!!!!! Samurai anime basically revolves around the idea on anime with lots of samurai action with some of the infamous samurai warriors..

By definition, "samurai" is the term for the military nobility of pre-industrial Japan.. But of course, utmost respect and high regards has been treated to samurai warriors due to their Bushido code..

Aside from their mysterious facade and their samurai techniques, there is much to be appreciated thus samurai anime is born..

Samurai anime has been created in order to give vivacity of life to a samurai warrior so we may not generally think of them as a soldier of boredom. They put some interesting plots and themes unto it making the typical samurai a very interesting character in the samurai anime world..

SOme of the famous and not so famous samurai animes are Gin Tama, Samurai 7 which tells a story of a village elder who decided to hire samurai to fight against bandits abusing their village, Samurai Champloo which is about a young lady named Fuu and Jin, a stoic young ronin in samurai garb.

There are still lots of good samurai anime out there.... Will be continually updating this site for more info!

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